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Anyone Can Be a Strong Girl Have you ever known a strong girl in your life? Well, someone who I can picture is my best friend and non-biological sister Rachel Jackson. She fits this role perfectly in my opinion. Being a strong, independent girl doesn't necessarily require that you be a die-hard feminist. Rather, it means learning to express who you are from your inside to outside, whether you are shy and soft-spoken or loud and assertive, without trying to fit a certain mold implied by your being a female. A strong girl knows: who she is, stands up for herself, is happy, challenges herself, admits when she is wrong and when she doesn’t have an answer; these traits make up a strong independent girl. She is such a big inspiration not just to me, but to so many people around her. A girl needs all of these traits to be a strong, independent girl. Especially when she needs to know who she is at all times. She needs to know who she is so she will never have to question herself and what she is becoming. An example of this is sophomore year she was bullied by some girls in high school. They wrote all over bathroom stalls that she was an ugly girl, had no friends, and would get nowhere in life. Which in reality she has many, many friends, is one of the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen and is going to get very far in life. She’s going to college and wanting to become an anesthesiologist. So in reality the girls who made those awful rumors were probably the ones who were insecure and probably jealous of Rachel. Just like Rachel, June is similar to her. In the text it says “Strong girls strive to define themselves as women and adults. They are trying to break away from the family and remain close at the same time.” Pg. 57. Another trait, is Rachel would stand up for herself or anyone that she knew if something was not right, just like any true best friend would do. An example of this trait would have to be our college algebra teacher, when Rachel would try to correct the teacher and try to tell her the answer was different, the teacher said no. But Rachel actually got upfront of class and solved the problem out on the board. I mean, I would not have enough courage to correct the teacher but she did and she actually was right. It shows me that you should always go with your gut feeling, and always think you’re right so you never second guess yourself. Just like June she says “Girls who have some special passions can call on something that is greater than their experiences in the halls of junior highs. Often their passion can give them some perspective and sustain them through the toughest times.” Pg. 56. Rachel is probably the happiest person I have ever seen walk this Earth. She has the biggest, whitest, brightest smile on her face. She constantly try to make everyone else’s day as bright as hers. She will forever put someone else as more important than herself, which nowadays you really don’t see many people like that anymore. Her parents are a major contribution to her good behaviors, nice, and caring personality she has obtained. Challenging yourself and admitting when you are wrong is key in being respectable by other people.