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Bringing Fine Organic U.S. grown Wine to Brazil to promote good relations.
Project Overview
Here at Nuova vita Produttori di Vino Biologico we pride ourselves in family and phenomenal. It is what nesters a juice of grapes, into a beautiful wine. In this same fashion we look to now establish and nurture a new relation with the oversees market of Brazil.
Much alike many of our competitors in the California wine market we have noticed an increasing trend in demand for our wine in the country of Brazil.
Background Information/Statement of the Problem or Purpose  This section is where I’d expect to see parenthetical references linked to the reference list sources.
After many years of excellence in serving the people of the US, we want to bring our Organic Specialty Wine to Brazil. Knowing that as of late the American-Brazilian relations have been dampened by recent revelations of spying, we find a way to strengthen ties through simple commerce in a fair and ethical way. We will establish good will with both the Brazilian people along with the government to open many more doors in the future.
We have done much research into the most specific market as to be attainable with the considered investment we have come up with one cities where we want to establish small distributing centers to distribute our wine in Brazil. From this city we look to grow our wine business:
Sao Paulo
Due to a large amount of Italian immigration in the early 20th century a large portion of this city is comprised of 69% of people who drink wine on a regular basis (King 2).
Sao Paulo is the economic powerhouse of Brazil.
With a population of 20 million it represents nearly half of the state’s population.(State is Named Sao Paulo also)
Located in Botucatu, State of São Paulo - Brazil, IBD works from its foundation in 1982 in Brazil and Latin America, contributing to develop a sustainable agriculture way, based on new economic, social and ecological relationships.
IBD is the only Brazilian certification body accredited IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), ISO Guide 65 , standards we abide by in the U.S.
IBD is also approved by the Brazilian Ministry MAPA and accredited by INMETRO for certification to the national Brazilian Law 10.831 for organic production which came in force on 01.01.2011.

Sao Paulo is a perfect region for word of our wine to travel.
Here is a graphic representation of how big of a population center and opportunity Sao Paulo is:
Another aspect that this graph shows is that the Port of Santos.
Existing logistics allow us to haul our freight from California to Miami, FL.
A full bottle of our wine weighs about 1.65 pounds on average and takes up 1 cubic foot on average of space.
We have concluded that 40 ft. shipping container contains about 2360 cubic feet on average.
We figure we can take about 2000 properly protected bottles in on container.
According to the WorldBank on average through all a cost it cost $2275 to get a 40ft container from Miami.
We estimate it our cost of shipping will have a range between $2100-$2700.

Project Details
Goals and Objectives
Establish goodwill