Structure: Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Paragraph Essay

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Paragraph 1:

In this paragraph, the writer gives a feel for his or her interests by stating “fascination” with constructions of major cities. Also given is a brief, albeit descriptive introduction to the city of Dubai and how it was started. What the paragraph attempts to do is compare modern cities, such as the ones listed and give why they are thriving, as shown by the comment of needing access and proximity to resources, to Dubai’s sudden ascension.

Paragraph 2:

The second paragraph in the paper allows for a brief description of the history regarding Dubai, stating that it began as a small fishing village that survived off of oil reserves. Further on, the paragraph shows the thought process of its leader, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, and his assertion that there had to be some way to gain a more sustainable economy. This paragraph is a beautiful attempt to lead in to the central question of how Dubai came into existence in its current state.

Paragraph 3:

Here we find the beginnings of Sheikh Mohammed’s plan to transform the economy of Dubai from middling to a world power. It is noted that the city is a free economic trade zone, which helps with the initial uptick until the “rapid transition” took place. The leader would then make a bold move, opening the purchasing of land to non-natives. The descriptions provide give a detailed picture of the steps taken to change the landscape of the city’s future.

Paragraph 4:

As we progress through the paper, we find in paragraph four the details of what became the central focus of Dubai’s economy. In this case, the city relied on tourism to drive an already booming monetary infrastructure, featuring nearly 15 million individuals visiting on a per year basis. We also learn of the extravagant lengths to which foreign developers took to, creating indoor ski slopes, along with the tallest building in the world. The writer uses this paragraph to transition from how the city was built and transformed to what they could possibly do next to continue growth.

Paragraph 5:

The descriptions provided here show the exorbitant amount of money being spent on real estate and the eventual creation of 300 small islands. These islands would cost from $30 million to $100 million where it would be sold to an investment developer. Intertwined with the finishing of these islands is also the economic down turn of 2008. The transition provided in paragraph five allows for the writer to show the eventual downfall of Dubai due to the crash of the world market.

Paragraph 6:

In paragraph six, the writer shows how exactly the city of Dubai was effected by the crash. It