Structure: Natural Gas and Substructure Transition Tag Essay

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-persuade your audience that you are correct
-Ethos, Pathos, Logos
-strategic communication
-creative, planned, managed, memorable
-display authority
-message must be transmitted and received effectively
-targeted and purposeful
-designed to influence
-artfully delivered

Goal: clear, organized, coherent, communication

Unified Analysis:
Exercise in critical judgment to reach a conclusion

Closed Questions: yes or no questions

Open Questions: no specific answer

Because: implies reason, connects statement, establishes causality, establishes obligation

A good argument in extemp is supported by three reasons

Steps Based Questions:
-overall answer and why ex. Increase diplomatic relations because 1, 2, 3
-three steps: ex. Have a more engaging fopo1


OT: necessary background (intro or point)

Transitions have movement!
1. Transitional phrase
a. weaving of our AGD
b. OT analysis
c. Example that fits the point (mini AGD)
d. Simple, clean, genuine joke
2. Number
3. Tag

Tag: An overall reason why your answer is correct.
-establish the overall claim in a few words

A: Prove the tag is true.
-establish what is happening right now, within the context of the point.
-use evidence to prove the tag is true

B: Link the tag to the question.
-change of status quo

Impact: Why it matters

Q: Is the US Energy policy sustainable for the next 50 years?
A: Yes