Essay about Structure of an Urban Enviroment

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Friday 6th September Structure of an Urban Environment

CBD Characteristics:
This is located in the centre of the urban area and next to the historical core- in some cities it’s often a castle or cathedral. It’s easy to spot out a CBD by its concentration of skyscrapers and tall buildings. Compared to other urban zones, the CBD:
Has the largest offices and shops, including department stores
The widest variety of goods on sale has high land values, rents and rates (which explains why many tall buildings are built close together) the main place of the work by day, which lead s to traffic jams (rush hour) most accessible location where the roads meet and has the main railway stations
The main difference between a CBD and the other zones is that few people live here.

Inner city characteristics: it is locates next to the historical core. It has old housing and industry suffering from urban decay.
It has mixed land uses
Old and sometimes abandoned factories and warehouses
Areas of derelict land around railway sidings, unused docks and canals
High rise flats (many built in the 1960s)
Old high density terraced houses, some 3 or 4 storeys high and tall basements and attics, they are often let out as flats and badly maintained
Pockets of smart new developments in many around the dock such as the London docklands.

The main difference between the inner city and other zones it that it’s generally run down appearance.
Suburbs characteristics:
In most cities these cover the largest area. It has grown outwards from the old centre across what was once countryside. This zone is