Structuring Paragraphs Essay

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* Does the assignment have a clear introduction, a body and a definite conclusion?
* Does it advance in logical stages?
* Are the major points connected? Are the relationships between them expressed clearly?
* Do the major points all relate to the topic and contribute to answering the question?
* Does the paragraph address one point?
* Is the point made explicit in the first sentence (topic sentence)?
* Are the supporting sentences organized clearly and logically to explain/elaborate /define/give examples relating to the topic sentence?
* Does each paragraph state its case clearly and completely, or should there be more evidence/detail?
* Does the paragraph synthesise information from different sources?
* Are the paragraphs between 3 and 8 sentences long?
* Are linking words used to establish connections between paragraphs?
For example: Another factor in the success of students at university is the ability to plan.
* Are the pieces of information in sentences connected to ensure argument can be easily followed?
For example: According to Smith (2006) there are three main problems with this approach. Firstly, it neglects…Secondly,….Finally, this approach may result in…
* Does the writing use signal or linking language to indicate moving from point to point?
For example expressing result: Consequently it can be concluded that good academic writing skills are an important factor in a student’s success at university.
* Showing alternative ideas: Jones (2005) suggests…..however Christy (2006) challenges this notion.
* Showing contrast between ideas: In comparison, most researchers in the field of physics rely on quantitative data methods. (see Linking words and phrases)
* Does the writing use formal verbs?
look at should be examine/consider/investigate
talks about should be discusses/reviews
* Does it use formal expression?
Let us consider should be The issues that will be examined are…
* Does it use specific language avoiding ambiguous it/this/they? Eg This research…
* Does it avoid emotive language, eg, extremely – significant
* Does it use parallel construction?
For example
Good managers evaluate the costs of the presentations, the quality of the presenters, and whether the programs are worthwhile.
Good managers evaluate the…