Struggle of Females Essay

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Mrs. Adkisson
Intermediate Writing
November 29, 2012
Struggle of Females Society’s expectations affect young women’s body image, because it persuades them to do something to their bodies and they don’t realize the harm they are doing in themselves. They get influenced real quickly by what others are doing and they don’t realize that they are not listening to what they want to do. There are many things that people do to change their body image; plastic surgery, weight and the use of make-up. These threes affect women and everyone who does this, listen to what society expects them to do.
One expectation that women see in society is plastic surgery. Some reasons why they engage to get plastic surgery are because some of these women might have low self-esteem. They feel that the society expects them to look good and attractive. They might have something in themselves that they don’t like. For example, someone might think that their lips are too small, or another one might think they have small breasts and would like to have them bigger. These are the small things that affect them and they feel that they are unattractive and are ashamed of their appearance. For this cause, they want to do something about it and the answer is plastic surgery. They feel that they are below the society’s standards of beauty. Academy surgeons (Floyd) found 42% of patients receive most of their information about plastic surgeries from the social media which increased 29% in 2010. Women between the ages of 25 to 55 are the most commonly to get surgeries. That is because most women had kids and when time goes by, they feel that they look too old and would like to look younger. Social media convinces women to think that plastic surgery helps them boost their confidence and vitality. They get influenced so quickly and believe what they say because they see in themselves that it is true. Also a lot of celebrities get plastic surgery to look good in cameras and people like us, think that by getting surgery, we will look better too. In women’s thoughts, they think that they should look good so other men can see them and notice they are beautiful or they have a nice body. The speaker from Killing Us Softly 3, (Kilburn) talked about a model being used as an object. She said that when someone gets breast implants, for example, that surgery has become a thing or an object to someone else, referring to a man. And this can create violence against women because they are being used as an object not a human.
Plastic surgery is used by women for two reasons. Either, they have low self-esteem and feel that they look ugly to the society, or because they want to feel attractive to others. They feel that they are not satisfied and want to look perfect. They are insecure and feel that they need to improve them just to get people’s attention or help their self-esteem.
Another way social media affect women is by the number of people who try to lose weight. On a survey, created by Debrenee Adkisson, (Adkisson), shows that 67% of women in class reported taking diet pills or something in a form to lose weight. Society judges women too harshly on their weight because they expect them to be skinny in size. They see TV commercials and models in magazines, and they think that they don’t meet the requirements of beauty. Athletes and models are required to lose weight, but some of them struggle to achieve healthy habits. Weight management can be very difficult because having a desire to be thin and also be healthy is hard to manage and can lead to poor performance and health.
Some celebrities have even admit that their pictures had been photo shopped and that they are not that skinny and that they don’t look like that as they look on person. If body image is positive, it improves confidence, performance and success, but if it’s negative, it can lead to low self-esteem, shaky confidence and eating disorders causing poor health and performance. Being unhealthy