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Developing Self-Acceptance

When we accept yourselves with all of our flaws and unique talents, the world seems to become a more accommodating place. We’ll find that some of the causes of our stress disappear and we can gain more joy on a daily basis. Accepting ourselves completely entails courage, wisdom and compassion. If we’re plagued by negative emotions such as anxiety, jealousy, shame, anger, envy, or guilt, these may be signs of low self-esteem. To counter this, we can learn radical self- acceptance. If we find ourselves equating your worth with our achievements, love life or social status, what happens if these are someday diminished? After all, these are temporary conditions. Life has its ups and downs. Practicing self-acceptance will help prevent your self-worth from hinging on our current situation.
If we have low self-esteem, we can get mired in refusal to accept our own uniqueness and capability for transformation. We may be a perfectionist, and when things don’t go well, we often tell ourselves that we’re not good enough. It becomes a vicious cycle of negative self- fulfilling prophecies. We must believe in our intrinsic worth and uniqueness. There’s no one else in the world quite like us and we’re constantly changing and developing. Our value cannot be measured by how others perceive us. When we make a mistake, refrain from judging ourselves. Resist labeling ourselves as a failure or a bad person because of past errors. We…