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Right from the start, Minneapolis-based advertising agency Fallon Worldwide set its sights on the global marketplace. In fact, company founders Pat Fallon and Fred Senn recruited employees from as far away as Australia, Europe, and South America. Fallon, Senn, and their associates built an agency with a reputation for creativity and innovations, winning praise-and major industry awards-for many of their ads. Then in 1999, with an impressive portfolio of successful homegrown advertising campaigns already making his company (then called Fallon McElligott) the talk of the industry, Fallon met business executive Robert Senior in London. Fallon had been searching for his first foreign partners in Britain, and Senior and his colleagues were quick to jump on board. Within a year, the Fallon London office had a dozen top clients and billings of $40 million.

A year later, French media giant Publicis proposed a merger with the American firm. Although some worried that Fallon's reputation for highly innovative campaigns might be compromised by the presence of a new parent company, Fallon's founders knew that the only way to serve their clients on a global basis was to partner with a larger organization. In addition, rapid changes in the technological environment meant that ad agencies had to now search for new ways to serve their clients rapidly-yet with a personal touch. "It will take a new kind of branding communications company to succeed in the emerging worldwide digital economy," noted Fallon at the time,