' Salaries Be Contingent On The Outcomes They Achieve With Their Client?

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Social Work 312 Professor Theriot Fall 2012


Should Part of Social Workers’ Salaries be Contingent on the Outcomes They Achieve with Their Clients? *
For this assignment, please answer this question thoroughly and completely. Begin your answer by stating reasons that argue in favor of salaries being contingent (the “yes” position) as well as reasons that argue against it (the “no” position). Then choose the position that you most support and discuss why you feel this way. If your answer is dependent on special circumstances or settings, state this and then discuss this position further. Answers need to identify and describe all relevant ethical principles and standards as well as ethical dilemmas (if any) and discuss how ethical considerations impact your position. You may also incorporate examples from your own experiences into your answer, if relevant. There are no right or wrong answers. Instead, your grade is dependent on your ability to critically examine both sides of the question and then select the position that you support. You must also be able to effectively and fully state why you feel the way you do. Complete papers should also demonstrate an understanding of the readings assigned in class as well as class discussions (when applicable). No additional readings or references beyond those listed in the course syllabus are expected. The suggested length for this assignment is 3-4 pages not including a reference list. You do not need a title page