Student Athlete Argumentative Essay

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Today, the average college student in Iowa will walk out of college with $29,547 of student debt (“State by State Data”). This amount of money isn’t an amount that most families just have. Students in college today, normally have a part-time job to help pay for books, food, or any sort of payment that comes with going to college. But the situation can be a little different when you are a student athlete. Unfortunately, the only athletes that get athletic scholarships are the athletes that compete at a Division I level.
When choosing a college as an athlete, there are many things to consider: size, location, academics, athletic history, and most of all, how much money do they offer me? Many students will choose a school that will offer the athlete
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Institutions have the responsibility to establish and maintain a place where student-athletes’ activities are made to promote academic success and individual development necessary for the college/educational experience. With this commitment policy, athletes have to have good grades to maintain athletic eligibility. Colleges are trying to keep college about academics and have athletics be a bonus and not the other way around. Students are at college to learn and get an education and then after college they choose to play professionally, then that is the time to be pain to play. Since they have to have good grades, this make sure that the students have an integral part in the student body. This lets them be normal kids outside of their …show more content…
One reason would be, there aren’t many collegiate sports that bring in money. College football and men's and women’s basketball are the only money makers in the industry. Therefore, the issue becomes should only football and basketball college athletes be paid? Is that fair to other student-athletes? Furthermore, where should the money come from? Is it the responsibility of the school to pay these athletes or the NCAA? Other questions include how much should students-athletes be paid, how often, will it work in a similar way that professional contracts work, etc? All these questions reveal how difficult it would be to change the college athletic system to compensate college athletes