Student Athletes Should NOT Be Paid

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The NCAA is committing illegal acts everyday it refuses to pay students. Their refusal to pay student-athletes violates section 1 of the Sherman Antitrust Act. In section 1 of the Sherman Antitrust Act it states “every contract, combination… or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce is declared to be illegal”(Text 1 line 26-27). This law means that any agreement between executives of the NCAA to not pay its athletes is a form of wage fixing and is illegal under this law. That is unacceptable, If other major companies can’t get away with wage fixing then why is the NCAA allowed too. They also refuse to pay student-athletes in the “no-pay rule” (text 1 line 29) which prevents colleges from paying its student athletes without facing a boycott. …show more content…
The NCAA is no different. They don’t care about the student athletes well being as proven by the simple fact that “85 percent of college athletes on scholarship live below the poverty line”(text 1 line 23). While, the people running the league such as coaches average salaries are up to “...1.64 million dollars” (text 2 line 22). That is ludicrous that the players get paid nothing while the coach who has a job because of the player makes that much on average per year. The National Collegiate Athletic Association also does not provide security or a net to catch a struggling athlete. The only form of payment college athletes get are scholarships and as shown in text 2 “most scholarships are revocable” (Text 2 line 8). This means that if an athlete is not doing well they could risk no longer being able to pay for and attend college. If that’s not bad enough “Players are essentially working full time jobs while going to college” (text 2 line 15). Athletes are spending all this time on the field and not being able to go out and get part time jobs to stay above the poverty line and therefore; should be compensated with pay