Essay on Student: Bullying and Don T Wait

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What is bulling, anyway? In school and general
“Bullying” is another word for harassment. Bullying can be physically-one or more students hurting others.
More often, bullying is verbal and includes persistent threatening, teasing, ridicule or talking about another person.
It’s not your fault; bullies don’t pick on you because of something you did. The bully is picking on you because of the way he or she feels (yes girls are as likely to be bullies as boys) some people bully others as a way of feeling popular, showing off or making themselves look though. Others think that intimidation is the best way to handle problems. Often, they’ve been the victims of bullying themselves. So if someone is bullying you, don’t think it’s your fault.
Parents may tell you or their children to strike back at the bullies. Usually, that creates more problems than to solve. But if you’re being bullied, you aren’t helpless.
You can do some things that may stop the bullying. Here are some things you might try: * Tell a friend, ask your friend to help you it’s harder to pick on a person who has someone there for support. * Walk away; it’s harder to bully someone who won’t stand still to listen. * Chill out, bullies seem to target kids who respond to their taunt. So try hard not to show any emotion. Practice in a mirror if you have to. It’s no fun bullies someone who doesn’t seem to care. * Try not to be alone in places in places where the bully picks on you. This may mean you need to sit in different places on the bus or take a different way to school. * Don’t fight back, usually; bullies are bigger and stronger that you are. If you try to fight back, you’ll probably get clobbered. You could make the situation worse. Or you could even get blamed for starting the fight. * Write it down; keep track of what happens-dates, times, places. Write down exactly what the bully says. When you are ready to tell an adult, you’ll have proof. Remember-people matter more than things. If bullies are attacking you because they might want something from you, it’s better give up your property before you give up your life. Your stuff can be replaced. You can’t. Bullying doesn’t have to be a fact of life. Adults don’t want it to go on in schools. So if you’re the victim of a bully…or if you know someone who is, don’t wait, the sooner you act, the sooner the bully will stop.
Bullying has been a problem in schools for a very long and it is gaining more attention due to media and anti-bullying programs. There are many different types of bullying. The kinds of bullying that are most common are physical, verbal, cyber bulling, and racial harassment. All types of bullying are serious and needed to be stopped.
Physical bullying can be in the form of hitting, kicking, shoving, punching, or any other kind of physical harm. Even threatening someone with physical harm is considered bullying. Boys are more likely to be involved in this category than girls. Another kind of bullying is a verbal bullying occurs when the bully uses language to out down or discourage a person because of things such as the person’s appearance, physical inabilities, or their actions. Name calling is a major part in verbal bullying. This also includes spreading/starting rumors about somebody. One very well-known method of bullying is via the internet this is called cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is the use of email, text messages, and social networking sites to harass someone. Many children, especially teens are victims of cyber bullying because most of them have cell phones and access to internet. Social net workings sites are popular with cyber bullying. Another major type of bullying is racial harassment. Racist bullies tease or make fun of others minority people because of their skin color, eye shape, and other distinctive characteristics. Bullying usually accurse more in middle school than in high school. According to research done by olweus, the biggest bullying