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The Modern Cannibal
Armin Meiwes a modern day cannibal became famous when he shocked the world with the killing and consumption of Brandes, a willing participant. Meiwes would them eat off his body for ten months before he would be arrested for the murder. He had made a video of the murder and slaughtering or Brandes. It began as a childhood fantasy that he had taken all the way. An ethical egotist at the most extreme with this event he had been fantasizing since he was only a child.
Before we can first decide if Meiwes is an ethical egotist we must first understand what one is. Ethical egoism is when one only acts from the motive of one’s own self-interest, when one gains all the benefit. Meiwes is a perfect example of an ethical egotist only concerned by his own self-interest even when one loses everything, even if that might be a life. His first thoughts of cannibalism first began as a child when he created an imaginary younger brother an expressed his feelings about eating the other kids. His victim, Brandes that he had found on the internet site The Cannibal cafe consented to the killing but he didn’t gain anything from it, he just wanted to be important to somebody even if that meant losing his life. His sacrifice would then continue to benefit Meiwes for the next ten months to come. Since Meiwes mom had died he devoted all of his time to cannibalism, even going to the extremes of building a slaughter room in his house. He had hid his interest from his neighbors and the whole village keeping it a secret up until the moment he had been arrested. His only exception was the website where he had found his first victim, where he had