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Im a student i d want to learn about hospitality
Moreover the working in a hotel will be detailer than ever before. And other trend might be changing the way people thinking and the way people working under hospitality. But as a hospitality student I am not afraid to the changings, and I believe that I am the one who will hand the services to make it running well. From the reports I find out all of the cafes are very similar due to those similarities we can see that the type of business is very simple to running. Nowadays in Auckland city the coffee is one of important part in people’s life. Almost everybody is drinking coffee in his or her daily life, so I will say the café in Auckland is not only one place for drink coffee but also is a place about health, healing and well-being, even the social life. There is no denying that café plays a very important role in this city, every morning I can see people is holding one cup of coffee when they walking into workplace, people are seating outside of the café hanging out with their friends, family members and co-workers. Café is also a restaurant people also eating there, as I said café is a place people relaxing and enjoying the life.

For every business the staffs are the most important part, and almost every business are putting honest be the first place when they haring staff. And I find out all the staffs have to be able to work as a team. Because there are some busy times in a café shop, so all the staff should working very fast and understands what to do at the busy time. Moreover all of the owners want long team staffs, they want their staffs working longer in the same place.

Most café shops are small businesses, just a few staffs are running this business, but at the same time they are still successful in this type of business, you will ask me the reason. I find out that the average time of customers staying in the café is about 5 minters, most of customer who will walking into a café in the morning is for takeaways, those types of customers is just walking into a café shop then buy the coffees and the food, after those they just leave. So even just a very few staffs will be able to face all the customers, this is the reason why a small business is able to making as much as profits a successful business.

Even thought there are many of cafes around the city center and they are doing a good work, but I will say they can be better if I am a manager of this café shop. First of all, we have to find out what the customer want when they buying a cup of coffee in the morning, the answer is very simple timing, I can say most important thing of people in the morning is time. Almost everyone likes