Student Debt Benefits

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After graduating college, people dream about traveling, starting a family, and just living their life. Whether it’s going to Europe or buying a house, there is one thing they both have in common, money. While in college, most students work part time jobs for typical expenses such as food and gas and if they’re smart, put some back in savings, so when they graduate they’ll have some to help them out until they start their full time job. However, many times there comes a catch. Instead of having college paid for with grants, scholarships, or money up front or throughout the years, they decided to do what the majority of young adults today do, take a student loan, which ends in mountains of interest and debt. A student loan is simply money that is given to a student for …show more content…
In society today, many people refer to student loan debt as “good debt”, however is any debt really good? How is owing thousands of dollars that you don’t have a good thing? Their reasoning behind why they consider it good is because it helps young adults attend college when their parents can’t afford it. Although, as I mentioned early there are other options. Colleges give scholarships and grants to help with expenses also, but the difference is that these you don’t have to repay. These don’t always cover college in full, but colleges do offer a work study program which allows you to work part-time and continue your studies, so you can pay as you go and graduate college debt free. Overall, nothing good can come out of student loans. Everyone has big dreams after college and being thousands of dollars in debt because of student loans and their interest is usually not included in those plans. Without all of that debt, you can live a much better life.