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Jonathan Harker and the Man A good number of people know famous characters. However, do they know how some characters resemble others? When I read story, some categories connect my information with another story. That means they have similarities between characters. Even though some characters live in a different period and areas, they have some similarities. People who read Dracula and To Build a Fire note a similarity between the characters although Jonathan was in Europe and the man was in Alaska. Despite this difference in location, the man from To Build a Fire and Jonathan Harker from Dracula share some similar characteristics. The first characteristic that Jonathan Harker and the man share is feeling through must both stories. Initially Jonathan does not feel safe. The Count requested hem sleep just in his room; otherwise, he is not safe. That made Jonathan afraid of sleeped outside his room. Jonathan is also feels alone. He missed his home and he was alone with the Count into castle. In like manner, the man feels trepidation. The temperature was fifty degrees below zero that made the man afraid of his body frozen. In addition the man was just with himself. He was alone with a dog and he missed his friends. Another characteristic that Jonathan and The man share is personality. Jonathan is smart. When the Count ordered from Jonathan wrote three latters in a different date. Sense he very smart, he inferred his life end is coming soon. Jonathan is also very eager. Before he left London, he visited the British Museums could find information about Transylvania which is location of the Dracula's castle. That would help hem to make good impression on the Count. A person who will be dealing with Jonathan. That mean Jonathan was eager to make deal with Dracula. In the same way, the man is intelligent. For example, the man was running to make his body warm when he felt cold. During the trip, he came upon several similar traps. Usually the snow above hidden pools of water had a sunken. And once, suspecting danger, he compelled the dog to walk out in front. Also the eagerness is portion of the man's personality. The weather was worse and danger that did not fold hem to going to…