Student: Finger and Presidents Mr Fitweiler Essay

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Mr Martin is working a firm called F & S for twenty-two years. He is known to be a very concentrated and efficient worker, who never smokes nor drinks, and has two assistants, Miss Paird and Mr Hart. All his life, he has been devoting himself to the company F & S.

Source: James Thurber (middle)
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One day, a new worker, who was the special advisor of one of the presidents Mr Fitweiler, was employed. It was a woman of the name Miss Barrows. She has been reordering the whole firm and that’s why, many people have been fired or quitted their work, there. Mr Martin sees her as a threat to the company and he made a plan, a very well-thought-out plan (he went over it hundredth of times and took every possible risk into account) to kill Miss Barrows.

One late evening, he was at her apartment, ready for the kill. But when he got there, he realized that his plan is crazy.
Miss Barrows was preparing him and herself a drink and Mr Martin let it be and took a sip of his vodka-soda mixture. He also took out his cigarettes (he smokes secretly) and lit one. He began to tell weird things to Miss Barrows, such as blowing up Mr Fitweiler,…