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Getzamany C.
Education is key
Dear Mr. President
As a High school student I aspire to one day receive a post-secondary education, I will be the first in my family to receive a college degree. Currently the challenge is fought every day for my education; the cause is the money put into funds keeps diminishing. That’s creating a barrier that holds this country back. Mr. President I’m sure you are well aware of the fact that American students are ranked 25th in math, 17th in science and 14th in reading. It would be unfortunate to see this country one day brave but not intelligent. In fact today top-notch universities have to recruit students out of United States to find what they are looking for. That calls for reform; we can't let colleges seek students out of the country; instead we should prosper and let them find students here.
Education is key, but with the deductions to the budgets from the government, we aren’t learning what we need to know—heck, we don’t have the materials we need to learn from. I’ve seen my teacher have to buy with her own money a class set of books for us to read. Why couldn’t my district provide them? The government is degrading itself by not strengthening the future society of tomorrow. The United States is on the road to recovery, but the only way it seems approachable is by establishing a higher fund for education. This way, public school systems can have abundant supplies, teachers, and technology which will enable us to compete in the world economy of today.
I would like to emphasize the problems that teachers face among the public school system. Teachers are given a teaching schedule telling them what they should teach and how. Often, they only have a few days or maybe a week on a particular subject. Instead of going in depth, they have to deliberately move on to the next topic. Teachers are required to do so, to prepare us for standardized tests. The flaw is there because they have such little time to go over everything of the subject; they can only sprinkle on the knowledge instead of scooping us a cup full of it. They fear being fired or having their wages decreased for the low test scores. When high scores are simply out of their reach because of how many students they have to teach. I’ve been in classes of 39 students; how am I supposed to feel comfortable to reach out to my teacher and ask a question with so many students in the room? These things are creating incompetent students. How are we supposed to move forward with students who don’t want to learn or can’t. The need for new policies is necessary for the teachers. The strikers in Chicago are representative among teachers everywhere who face shrinking pay and