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Alyssa Gonzales
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Student governments can be found in nearly every middle school and high school across the country - from little towns to bustling cities. Its council members hale from all types of various ethnic groups, sexes and political backgrounds. Members take part in various school related activities and are seen as the face of the student body itself. These student governments instill values and teach members lessons that many will take outside of school and on into careers of their own. These students play a crucial role in their fellow classmates schooling world, and sometimes their lives out of school. Upon entering the ranks of the student government members are encouraged to learn how to work with others who might not share their beliefs or opinions. Members are left with no choice but to try to come together for the greater good of the remainder of their student body. Establishing this value really helps each member develop a real world skill. Entering the work force knowing that not every person you meet is going to agree with you or believe the same things you believe in. Knowing that there will occasionally be a struggle and to really knowing the point of which to compromise one’s own opinions for the sake of others to flourish. Standing up for student rights is really what student government is all about. Giving the ‘little guy’ a voice and making decisions that will help the student body as a whole. Student government really gives children a chance to lead and sculpt those leadership skills to help make greater impacts for the world tomorrow. Instilling leadership skills early on is highly beneficial to our children. Setting a child up for a life of success and not just a government or political stand point either, but really showing a child a new world of possibilities and values based off of hard work and dedication. These skills will lead them into successful college careers and then off into better lives. Student government can set college applicants apart from the rest, giving our