Session 3: Marketing Planning Process-Student Guidance

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Session 3: Marketing Planning Process - Student Guidance

Recap on last weeks’ post seminar task

1. As a post-seminar task, you were asked to research Tesco and identify their main internal and external stakeholders, then use Mendelow’s matrix to plot the stakeholders. You should then have chosen one stakeholder within each category and explained how the organisation should manage communication with these stakeholders

2. As a group, you will discuss your thoughts on the stakeholders of Tesco and their position on Mendelow’s matrix.

Activity 1 – SWOT Analysis
1. Before the seminar you should have researched Innocent and conducted a SWOT analysis on them. Working in a group, you will be given one element of the SWOT grid (e.g. strengths) and you should share your thoughts on Innocent.

2. Each group will present their thoughts and findings back to the group, to form a complete SWOT analysis. As a group, you will then highlight what issues the SWOT analysis highlights for Innocent.

Activity 2 – SMART Objectives

1. Working in small groups, using the SMART objectives work sheet (available on the VLE) you should re-write the objectives to make them SMART.

Activity 3 - PESTLE Analysis

1. In pairs/small groups, use the knowledge you now have about Innocent and using your laptops/tablets/library computers to do some additional research into the external environment of Innocent, you should produce a PESTLE analysis. You may want to consider competitors; supply chain; legal/regulatory issues; demographic changes; social changes etc

2. Now using the PESTLE and SWOT from earlier, in