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Closer and Closer In the last few years, social networking sites become more popular and get new users. That means people tend to fill their leisure by doing social connected. Furthermore, social networking sites have made their sites more easer and interesting to use and to communicate. All these kinds of sites are fit for any kinds of personal devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Social networking sites allowed us to communicate with our friends, families, and classmates, but also they allowed us communicate with other people who share common interests. For instance, I built a new friendship from my Facebook person who I did not know before for playing chess online. One year later, I met with this guy in person in San Francisco, and he visited me in my home, as a result, we became a good friend. Also, this friend taught me a lot about the US. It was obvious that I have developed my interpersonal relationship through social networking sites. Social networking sites enhance interpersonal relationships in reality because they make the distance closer, convenience, and organize people. Social networking sites are the easiest way to get new friends, so you can make friendship with people from any part of the earth. For example, Facebook is one of the most famous web site on the Internet. It allows us to know people’s behavior before you meet them or even talk to them, which is save your time. My own example is before I came to the USA. I did not know anybody here, so I tried to find someone who can help me to find my new place. Finally, on Facebook, I found him, and for sure this guy who I found save my money and told me what I have to do when I arrived to the USA. In other word, Social networking sites also can help anti-social people by getting out from his or her environment to new one. Let’s say X, X is a man who made a mistake in his life, however people who close to him are looking for him in a negative way. These sites may be able to help this guy by making new friendships that means he can start in new life after he learned from his mistake. We live in a busy life, and it is hard to meet all people we know. Some people who we know sometime they feel we do not think and care about them. It is the hardest thing that I felt when I came to the USA, so I felt that I erased all my history when I was so busy in my school. In that time, I am the last person who knew about my family’s status. After I used social networking sites, I am the first one know about my family. The Social networking sites keep us close to our relationships by knowing their recent updates, and they will know your updates as well. However, it seems really good advantage which is now supporting by the smart phones, and you can know about your friends news by application such as Whatsapp. On the other hand, Social networking sites in the smart phone are much cheaper making call and sometimes you can use it for free. For example, there are many coffee shops provide the Internet for their customer, so there is no need for call to get know about the recent updates. About myself I usually updates my Facebook three times a day, which help my family to know about my status. To make more clearing, there is an application in smart phone, which is WhatsApp. In that application, I have more than ten groups chatting from different kind of relationships like families group, classmates group, and friends group. This application allowed me to keep in touch in my daily life, so that helped me to release all my stress by I have a good friends who help me when I need help. Recently in the last two years, every single day we hear and watch the news that comes from the Middle East about the Middle East spring. There happened interesting events these are governments changed and countries president ousted because Middle Eastern people fight to get their rights.