Student Led Discussion Guide

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Student-Led Discussion Guide
* Read and re-read the assignment * Annotate for important or interesting points (both underlining/highlighting and commenting in the margin) * Outline the main issues that the author raises * Create 3-5 critical, pertinent (on topic) questions * (you need extras in case someone else asks one similar to yours) * Create a 10-15 minute discussion outline using the FORMAT below * You will be graded on the level to which to analyze the material and adhere to the format.
Discussion Format: * Summarize the section of the assignment (Prepared statement) * Analysis and clarification of material * What is the author saying? * What is the intended meaning of key words? * What is the author’s opinion vs. fact? * With what evidence does the author support opinions? * What is the theme of the work? What elements contribute to the theme? * Response to and criticism of the work * What do you think of the author’s opinion? * What is the evidence or reasoning (fallacies, examples, etc) * In what ways is the evidence or reasoning convincing or not convincing? * What other opinions are possible? * Compare your opinion with that of the author * What are the connections (harmonies or conflicts) do you find between this author’s ideas and those of other thinkers/authors you have studied (not just in this class)?