Student Loans In America

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This probably is the largest debt in the United States, so it’s become a wide issue for the country. The impact on student loans debt to economy of America is seriously, and it could affect the macro economy of The United State. In his article, “Forgive Student Loans?” by Richard Vedder is the worst idea by creating the loans. However, Richard Vedder’s essay has a lot of flaws and not evidence. First reason, we have a problem with tuition in college and bachelor degree is not worth it. For instance, he claims that there are several loans are available for college (Vedder 406). However, those loans are not enough to pay fully for college because the one those took six years of college, they are needed to loans more to pay for it. He dangled …show more content…
He had mention in the essay on “loans terms are invariant” with student with less success have the same rate as the excellent succeed in college (Vedder 406). He didn’t give an example or evidence to support his assumption. In addition, the program called Federal student-loans and Grant loans are created by the government (406). He said the “charging wildly different amounts of students depending on how much their parents can afford to pay” (406). He follows up with the statement “soak-the-rich” (406). This, like we are borrowing money from the FAFSA, but the truth is borrowed it from the rich. He also confirmed our government have to borrow fund of another country like China to support our academic system (405). Basically, he augured two sides with conversation, and he didn’t support his evidence well enough to the audience.
Third, his reasons are opposite each other and not clear. First, he points out that student “spend about half as much time on school as their parents spend working” (Vedder 406). An average student does spend a lot of time to study. However, Vedder says college’s students are not spending enough time to study, not learning what they should and heavy (405, 406). For instance, Hana, my sister, spends most of her time for studying for her study. She even spends more time than my parents spend working and she gets a good result from her class.
To conclude, Vedder did a good job of bringing his own reason, but he needs to provide more sources or it’s will be his assume about his