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MBA4703 Business Strategy – Shipping & Logistics

Coursework 1: Family Businesses

Your Name: Oleksandr Matsupa

Your Student Number: M00429069

Questions to be answered:

1. What are classic family business issues that all family firms must face? 2. What insights can you gather on how family enterprises compete and think differently? (compare the family business to the non-family owned business) 3. What is your diagnosis or interpretation of the situation they face? 4. From your cultural perspective and your family experience, what recommendations would you offer the Klaveness family? 5. Identify the changes that occurred in the group’s ownership structure, after 2010 6. What effect will these changes
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Ltd., Singapore |100% |
|2008 |Klaveness Finans AS, Oslo |100% |
|2011 |Klaveness AS, Oslo |100% |

Source: Torvald Klaveness Annual Report 2011 Nicolas Kachaner, George Stalk, and Alain Bloch observed: “In our study 46% of family businesses were highly diversified, but only 20% of the comparison group were. Some family firms had expanded into new lines of business organically; others had acquired small entities in new fields and built on them. The CEOs we spoke with say that as recessions have become deeper and more frequent, diversification has become a key way to protect the family wealth. If one sector suffers a downturn, businesses in other sectors can generate funds that allow a company to invest for the future while its competitors