Student: Paul of Tarsus and Spp Students Essay example

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8700 Bryant Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55420

March 8, 2014

Dr. Briscoe
Saint Paul Preparatory School
380 Jackson St, Suite 100
St. Paul, MN 55101

Dear Dr. Briscoe,

Nowadays, students who want to attend a St. Paul Preparatory School must live with host families. More and more students have problem with host family, and sometime school cannot solve those problem efficiently for SPP students and it’s not very convenient living with host family for SPP students. SPP students cannot have they are private and clean place, in fact rent an apartment will be more cheaper, studying conditions will be more better than living with host family. As a current senior student of SPP, I raise the issue that allows SPP Students choose either live with host family or live an apartment.

First, an apartment provides a lot more private place, freedom than with host family. When living with host family you must obey strict rules; in the apartment you can set up your own rules. You also can decide when to visits or to be left alone at any time. Besides, SPP students are high school students some of them even above 18 year olds I believe they have ability to manage their selves to obey the law of United States and the rules of school. We are not kids anymore. A teenagers need to have freedom place. Other important factor is SPP students need to sharing room with each other because school doesn’t have a lot of host families. SPP students are teenagers; they need their own private place, because they are in the adolescence. They don’t like host family members know too much under the circumstances. Some people said that School let students live in host family is for study the culture of American. I disagree with that study culture there are a lot of ways to do that, such as make American friends and hang out with them or watch some shows about culture.

Second, from an economic angle, some SPP students always argue that an apartment is more expensive. This is not always true. You could rent the extra rooms in the apartment and share with other people in school, that way would be a lot cheaper. Transportation is another issue, if you living with host family, you living far away from school you probably need to wake up 6 o’clock every school days. When you choose living an apartment, everyone can choose place where you want to live. You can live an apartment near to school. Every day you don’t need to wake up too early, like 7 o’clock or even more less. SPP students have increasingly heavy academic, as a current senior student of SPP, I having experience. I know every senior students doing homework until 12 o’clock sometimes even more. They need to study besides the school classes, also need to prepare additional exams like TOEFL, SAT. Every day students who only sleeps 6 hours, still need to pay attentions in the class. Transportation also is a problem, if you live far away from school; you need to take more than two buses for school that is wasting a lot of times. When winter time is coming, a lot of ice is on the road, you need spend more time for go to school. SPP students need to have their own choose. Some people said that students need to learn how to manage their time. I disagree with that yes, students do need to learn how to manage their time, but there are too many distractions like television.