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Criminal Justice
Bryant & Stratton College
Hui Liew, Ph.D.
July 10, 2013

The degree that I enrolled in is Criminal Justice. The criminal Justice field is very interesting to me I Have always wanted to become a Probation Officer The probation officer, as an investigative sentencing specialist and supervision specialist, is responsible for providing meaningful assistance to the court in its deliberations and decisions concerning criminal offenders. And to insure public safety through the monitoring and supervision of offenders placed under supervision by the court, the U.S. Parole Commission and military authorities. A probation officer assistant performs similar functions in support of probation officers.
I am pursuing a career in criminal justice, specifically working with children and teenagers. My aunt has worked with children in residential treatment and juvenile justice institutions and I have admired her commitment and passion for her work. I understand that the work can be very demanding and that there may not be many success stories, but I feel that I have the personal characteristics to be successful in the field.
When doing research on what is criminal Justice A criminal justice major will help me learn about the legal and correction systems in the United States, the philosophy of punishment and deterrence of crimes, and the ethical codes of behavior with which to make use of this knowledge. When getting Criminal justice degree I am going to be ready for careers in law enforcement, court…