Student Population Assessment Paper

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Comment: Student ratio to teacher is small because children need the individualized attention. Class size is one factor to consider when evaluating a school’s effectiveness.

Other (Please Specify) Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy, and Psychology (Consultant) and volunteers or students of OT and PT in training.
Schools Served: Amherst School District
Additional Information: This facility is authorized to administer medications; Care is available during non-traditional hours. This facility is authorized to administer medications; Care is available during non-traditional hours; Initial License Date: 10/1/1999.
All students within this classroom and school have a type of disability. The disabilities of the students include
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Yes ____ no _ _, (If no explain) o Classroom appears neat and orderly: yes __ _ o Adjacent rooms: A straight passageway runs from clerk’s desk at the entrance. Leading offer this passageway are classrooms on both sides. So the classroom face each other. o Extraneous Noise (or other environmental distractions) - Other classes could be heard from each room during class time. o Is the classroom isolated from regular division classes? No __ __ Classroom are adjacent to each other. They run parallel to each other with each entrance facing the other. o Ventilation (comfortable, hot, cold, etc.) – There room was properly ventilated. The teacher opened the back door so additional air could come in. o Lighting (type and adequacy) - Source of light come from overhead Florence bulb and sunlight from a wide width window near the backdoor. o Desk Size (or chairs if tables are used): There were two table one circular table which seated everyone including eight student and one special education teacher and three assistant teachers. I sat at the next table near the front entrance. The class session was held closer to the back door. This allowed less distraction from other …show more content…
There were different activities with a matching song. The first activity of this section required each student to match their picture to another on a display board. The student was show the picture a song was song and the student recognizing their picture ran up to collect and stick their picture to the matching picture on the display. The second activity require to recognize the current date and day of the week, within the month. One student, who was chosen, given a small picture was given to the student, the whole class song briefly and the student was required to stick the picture on the correct day and date of the