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The public is the floorboard of the PR dissemination communication object. PR of the public involves a public problem and the formation and connection with the operation of the social organization of social groups, and it is contact with the subject of PR and the interaction of the sum of groups and individuals. The public in this article refers the public means of PR of the public[ Grunig,J.E.Excellence in public relations and communication management. . 1992].
Crisis refers to the catastrophic accidents and incidents that threaten enterprise or individual image and the survival. It brings bigger loss, serious damage to image, and even put people into hot water where will be difficult to survive. Public crisis is a bad and non-deterministic accident sudden that people are exposed to public view events within the scope or range of perception. Public figure's effect on physical reasons or business reasons to the individual itself cannot be called a public crisis. It can be called public crisis only when it relates to the public sphere and again counter effect in individual itself from the angle of public[ Gruning, J. E.,Hunt, T.Managing Public Relations. 1984].
So, what is the most influential PR crisis in China this year? There is no doubt that it is the extramarital affairs of famous actor, Zhang Wen.
On March 28, 2014, the media photographed the famous actor Zhang Wen and Di Yao "derailed" photos which triggers concern of many users and discussions. Subsequently, the entertainment media have released the "exclusive" to confirm that the derailment of the facts.
On March 30th, popular studio release Zhang Wen and Yao’s hugged close pictures. Sohu Entertainment released the full video of their meeting in Shenzhen. Then Yao closing comments on weibo and no longer speaks.
"Zhang Wen affair" creates a great sensation and many medias report it on the matter. Even some international media like the British BBC, "Daily Mail", "The Associated Press", and “Sydney Morning Herald" concerned it.
This kind of affair is common in entertainment business, why the Zhang Wen’s affair was so sensation and even cause "international concern"? Its root lies in the image contrast between "good man" image of Zhang Wen before and "occasion" after the derailment. After the incident, the public have different attitude to Zhang Wen, some people are untimely, some people hate him, some human stand him, or even more female fans issued such as regrets that "Zhang Wen can cheat, how can I believe in love, a real good man".
II. The PR Method of Zhang Wen
After the events was reported, Zhang Wen published weibo[] denounced that "southern metropolis" undermine his family on March 31. He said"@ Chen Chaohua @ Xie Xiao two leaders, I am wrong, and all is a person's fault! All of you have parents, and could you tell me when to end? If you want to play with me, don't involve anyone, I accompany you! My mean life accompanies you to the end!" However, on April 1, Ma Yili's father asks the public to forgive me, invite the media to pass Zhang Wen on weibo.
After the incident, Zhang Wen issued a statement denouncing media and don't want the public to focus on this matter. However, he did not focus on repentance and reform. For the public, once this kind affair happened, the common attitudes are in indignation. Zhang Wen declared war on the media fuelled by this time not only did not have the effect of saving image, but in a more passive situation. What's more, there are news online report the signed ma forging father's weibo written by staff that was hired by Zhang Wen, this kind of attitude to solve thing by money makes the public is hard to accept.
As the first-line star, Zhang Wen has endorsement in many well-known brands. But after the incident, for he has not timely taken effective measures to make up for his public image, companies have to withdraw endorsement so as not to own brand sales affected. And the 3 stars (Zhang Wen, Di Yao and