Student: Skill and Carranza Essay

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Jovita Carranza has demonstrated in her career with UPS a number of major skills that have made her a successful leader. Carranza was always eager to take on new challenges as well as advancement opportunities. Carranza is an optimistic employee who viewed any position that presented itself as a learning experience as well as a platform for future success. She surrounded herself with successful coworkers stating that it was “important that she surround herself with capable, skilled employees who are loyal and committed to the company”. One might recognize that the skills Carranza possess are those that you will find in any mission statement of a successful company. To be innovated, determined, self-driven, a leader, and an overall achiever. Carranza was taught by her parents the importance of being committed and working hard, all while maintaining a positive outlook. Jovita values diversity, encourages equality, integrity, loyalty, fairness, and more. Most important she possess the skill of listening and observing. Carranza feels you learn more by not speaking as well as from your own experiences and the experiences of others.
Jovita has had many different positions with many different responsibilities. The spiral of experiences that she has traveled has had a great impact on her ability to be a leader. 30 years ago Carranza started as a UPS clerk and worked her way up to the VP of UPS air operations by learning from different experiences and positions. Jovita was always willing to learn, no matter what the position she never declined.