Student: Skin and Textured Skin Gathers Essay

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Bright orange and spherical like the sun, is an orange. The feeling however, is much more like the moon. Minute craters cover the entirety of its spongy skin, giving a pebble leather like feel. Light bounces from the surface, accentuating its shallow dimples with a spectacular shine. Among the dimples lies the stem at which the textured skin gathers. The stem, earthy green in color and round in shape is the center from which five small, triangular leaves protrude. At the opposite side sits the navel of the orange, unforgiving in appearance. The navel provides a hole through which misshapen tufts of skin are revealed. Removing the outer layer of an orange proves to be difficult as its thick skin is resistant. As the skin of the orange is peeled away, a strong citrus scent envelops the air around you and a subtle tearing sound can be heard. As a piece of the leathery shell is peeled from the fruit, a thin, white layer of skin still remains, unwilling to reveal its contents. Within the center of the bare orange lies a cartilage like spine which once held the orange together as it suspended from a tree. The orange then naturally divides into twelve crescent like portions. The color has become not as bright, but more muted. Although craters are still present among the matte surface, the texture almost resembles velvet and is softer to the touch. White veins cover the pockets of tangy flavored juice. When the pockets burst from the pressure of one’s jaw, they spurt the citrus…