Student: Three Gorges Dam and B. Sherringham Salmon Fishing Essay

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English 101
Salmon fishing in yemen:

1. It is challenge to see if the salmon survive in a foreign enviorment that they werent breed in.
2. A). Dr.Alfred jones is married and has a very structured marriage that seeems dry and bland
B).Mrs Patricia Maxwell is a very interactive mother but at the same time she balances her job simultaneously with her home life and she has a very semi-manipulative and stern personality
C).Harriet Talbot has just met a boyfriend three weeks ago and he went to war and left her. 3. He wants to irriagate a 1000 acres of yemen desert land and become more agricultural 4. He agreed because he was going to get fired. 5. $50,000 pounds 6. The three gorges dam is in china.He suggested a meeting because he was concerned With the design. 7. 10,000 live salmon 8. 2,000,000 fisherman .It’s a problem because they don’t want to send the salmon to Yemen . 9. The sheiks estate is located on a lush irish green valley with creeks and rivers and a Mansion on the grounds. 10. All fisherman care about is patience and humility. 11. He says fishing requires the same faith, prayer and patience religion requires. 12. Yemen is a virtual dessert and Scotland is lush green and like a little oasis. Yemen is hot
And unidustrialized and underdeveloped.
13. Yemen was dessert like with no apparent bodies of water to be seen after the artificial river construction it was wet and beginning to become terraformed.
14. By bringing water it represents westernization and is an insult to gods natural work.
15. The complaint is they’re straining the salmon population and taking fish away from the U.K people.
16. They tried to assassinate the sheik while he was casting his rod.
17. I do think people are genetically predisposed to certain behavioral characteristics. Personally speaking based on my own experiences genetics absolutely does play a deciding factor in behavioral qualities. My grandfathers as well as my father were recognized across the city and neighborhood at their time as top city prospects basketball players of their time. All his peers and my mother assumed that when he had a son born I’d be automatically a basketball prodigy, but as fate would have it I ended practically hating basketball and became very deterred from the sport all together. As I began to mature and grow I became more athletic I choose another sport martial arts and began to excel at an early age proving the form may change but the instincts remain the same.
18. He