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How does the Learning Map work?
The lessons are connected throughout the entire course map. Work on one lesson influences learning on other lessons in the course map. Learning is a continuum throughout the course, assessment is constant, and by revising lessons, you can continually improve their learning.
Main Goal
The main goal of the learning map is to prepare you for the course outcomes. For example, in the English Composition courses, the goal is to complete the Learning Map to improve writing which occurs on the assigned papers due in the course.
How do I get Technical Help?
Contact or call 866.813.1836 Option 4 OR Option 2
How do I get help with a question on my Learning Map?
Contact your instructor for content type questions.
Why is Determine Knowledge important?
Determine Knowledge is very important as it tells the Adaptive Learning system what you know and what you do not know. It sets the baseline for your learning in each phase and it creates your learning map from the results of your Determine Knowledge. Allow enough time to take the Determine Knowledge uninterrupted, and give it your best effort. Complete the Determine Knowledge early in the phase to allow enough work time on your Learning Map as the week progresses. The more you let the system you know, the more accurate your Learning Map and your phase work.

When is the Learn and Resume function used?
The Learn function is used to first start a Lesson, found in the Next Steps section of your Steps tab, this is the beginning of a Lesson. Resume is for a Lesson you have worked on and now you want to continue your work.

How do I complete a Lesson?
Complete the Lesson sections
Read the summary and choose Finish before leaving a lesson.
Do not abandon lessons; choose the first option to save work when stopping an incomplete lesson.

What are the differences and similarities between Revising a lesson vs. Practicing a lesson?
Revising and Practicing occur on lessons that have been started; they cannot be implemented on white, incomplete lessons.