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Our home of the brave

The world America is known as a person born in the United States or a U.S citizen (legal) and first language spoken English. Everyone has their own ideal of what an U.S American is, many believe in the American dream and have freedom to a curtain extent. Outsiders not born in the U.S wish to be a part of our culture because America offers the best education, lifestyle, government, and money. Americans live the best compared to other countries and get benefits that are a privilege not a right. An American dream is something everyone (legal and non legal citizens) strives for it is an illusion of a perfect stable life. In the United States people get the privilege to have that perfect ideal life and many choose to lose that chance. In “ Hunger of Memory” by Richard Rodriguez, it is based on a kid that wants to live a normal life of an American. He came from a Hispanic family and his first spoken language was Spanish. Richard attended regular school in the U.S and did not comprehend the words that people used on the daily. He wanted his family to be part of this American culture; he soon adapted to the way everyone else’s lives. Richard loved his native culture and language but he realized that he had to adapt to a new culture in the U.S to be seen normal. He wanted to same benefits and opportunities as Americans. Being an U.S American can he difficult when you are not born here. People have this ideal that to be an American you have to speak English but in some cases it is not necessary. That theory is wrong because many cannot develop a new language but they can achieve that American dream. Martin Luther King Jr. is a great example of someone who wanted freedom and wanted to be treated equal. Many discriminate color and Hispanic people because Americans believe that they don’t belong here. They have this ideal that Americans are suppose to be “White”, but any one can be an American. Martin has this dream to save everyone from this torcher of a life and start to be seen as an American. That dream took years to get use to because whites had this hatred towards color people like if it came nature to them. My perspective to actually being an American is not that difficult, it depends on how you personally see it. I came from a Hispanic family, my parents till this day still do not know much English. The native language at home is