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To a effective communication we have many barriers, it is dependent of the quality or nature the information we want transmit, some barriers are more common than others.
In fact are a number of possible barriers may result in an ineffective communication and generate problems to have good communication between sender and receiver.
Those can be, irritation, misunderstanding, mistakes or conflict.
Barriers for effective communication include some different points let explain one by one.
Technical noise, something happens every day with us, connection problems with your mobile signal or machines not working properly like fax and printers.
Physical noise, we working on a place where is very noisy and we cannot hear what are saying on one phone call, or one presentation where is to big the group and people are talking in same time, we cannot hear properly what is the message.
Absence of interest, sometimes during a presentation to show new product and the receiver believes that is not for him, they will feels is waste of time and will not pay attention in what are passing the message.
Poor listening, in a group where the people are not put down to listen what are saying to them, they will not concentrating to succeed what the message mean to have successfully communication.
Information overload, presentation where the sender try to pass many facts they can in short time, the receiver will not be able to understand most of his message.
Lack of understanding, if the sender use technical jargon or they have poor use of the language, the audience will not understand.
Psychological noise, a person at an interview shows interested on begin but when the interviewer start speak shows indifference.
Poor time, if you try to contact someone but on busy time they will be unavailable, or if you are in interview and talking about the company plans but the person knows the next topic is the rate they will not be interest.
The barriers can affected in many different ways the communication, in some cases we cannot avoid it but in other we can.
The sender should need to check all points before start to pass your message to avoid the audience not understand properly what they want to pass.

Happy Apparel
109 Landoswne Road

01 January 2014

Helleana Souza
50 Dowsett Road
Dear Ms Souza
Thank you for your feedback regarding our customer service. We value custumers who let us know about any problems they have with our service.
I would like to apologisefor any inconvenience you suffered. I fully understand how you must be feeling.
After an investigation into the situation, I feel we need further details. Could you please let me know if you can remember anything else, and help us find out exactly what happened. After we discover who the person is and what happened we can take appropriate action.
However, I feel that overall we are delivering a good service and thatpossibly it was a misunderstanding or a oneoff-case.
I realise that you are disappointed with our service, so we will be happy to offer a voucherof 30 pounds which can be used in any of our branches to show our goodwill.
Once again, please accept our apologies for what occurred, and we look forward to seeing you in our branch.
Please feel free to ask for me. I will be very pleased to help you personally.

Yours Sincerely
Philip Marino
Store Manager

Part 3 discussing how to writing effective formal letter using 7 Cs of Communication formula to answer complain, which I have done on part 2.
What is 7 Cs of Communication? The 7 Cs of Communication are a helpful way to assure good communication, by list of 7 points to ensure written and verbal clear communication (Vicent Van Vliet 2013).
The communication needs to be:
Clear, communicating clear, make sure you be simple in your sentences for your reader to understand the meaning of your message and understand what you want pass to then (Vicent Van Vliet 2013).