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Company name: Biffa
.The business was founded in Wembley by Richard Henry Biffa in 1912. The company, then called Richard Biffa Limited, was engaged in the removal and sale of ashes and clinker from London power stations, later adding sand & gravel and waste disposal to its operations. In 1958 Richard Henry Biffa's 19-year-old grandson, Richard Charles Biffa joined as a general trainee with duties including tea boy, yard boy, fitter's mate, driver's mate and routing clerk. From 1960-1963 he took over responsibility for plant operations and maintenance and was made Manager in 1963. He spent the rest of the decade building the company, now called Biffa Waste Services, by acquisition and organic growth and consolidated the company's position the waste management market. He is also widely credited with introducing the now ubiquitous waste skip to the UK, making Biffa a household name.
To do this we are placing recycling at the very heart of our business, along with a strong focus on providing excellent service to our commercial, industrial and municipal customers.
We want to build on our reputation for delivering sustainable solutions that help our customers meet their legislative and corporate responsibility requirements. To be known as a company which looks after the needs of our customers and of the environment.
Biffa believe that all accidents are avoidable and our objective is to plan, controland monitor activities in such a manner so as not to harm anyone, whether directly or indirectlyemployed, visitors or members of the public.
Our goal, quite simply, is to keep Biffa at the forefront of a fast-changing environmentaland resource efficiency agenda and to enable all of our customers to be a part of that journey.
Core competences: Biffa is committed to operating without causing harm to any employees,partners or members of the public. This commitment extends to working with other parties and stakeholders for the overall protection of people and towards achieving continuous improvementwithin Biffa and our industry.
Waste Management Services
Developing a range of fully integrated waste management services and solutions coveringvirtually all waste types and tailored to our customer's individual needs, designed to maximiseresource recovery and minimise waste disposal to landfill.
Our mission to maximise the potential of waste to generate energy is seeing some of the mostexciting technological innovations in the industry today. Our current and proposed facilitiescover anaerobic digestion (AD) with electricity generation or supply of biogas to the nationalgrid, and a range of Energy from Waste (EfW) systems including biomass combustion,gasification, power generation and combined heat and power systems. Through the establishmentof partnerships with leading technology providers we are able to bring to market proven energyrecovery technologies and waste management systems that are ready to serve
Collection and logistic
With one of the largest HGV fleets in the country, Biffa is continually developing its massivelogistical capabilities to manage the waste collection and removal of individual and mixedmaterials and making them ready for recycling or energy generation.

The challenging trading conditions continue into 2012/2013 along with specific pressures brought about by further increase and changes in the application of Landfill Tax, further closures of fully utilised landfill sites, lower recyclate prices, and perhaps most of all, sustained economic pressure on the industrial and commercial sectors that represent the core of Biffa’s I&C customer base.Despite the challenges that face the economy and the Group, Biffa is comprised of a series of businesses that individually and collectively represent a strong geographic and customer service platform and so are well placed to respond to any improvement in the economy.Whilst