Students Don't Read Essay

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Students don’t read enough! From data that I collected, it proves my reasoning why I believe students don’t read enough. Most people that I interviewed on their reasons for reading were mostly answered with “because they were forced”. Most of them said the last time they can recall reading was for homework, or because their parents told them to. At Mater Academy, during the summer everyone has an assignment called summer reading, a decent percentage of the students I interviewed said that is the only time they read every year. I personally don’t really see reading as an ideal activity, but if it’s something interesting to me I would constantly read it.
To continue on the subject, another good percentage of students excuse for why reading is because of social media. They say it’s addicting and more entertaining, I understand that those are the purposes of the products but I still don’t see that as a legitimate excuse. I do prefer social media over reading but at the end of the day you learn a lot more stuff from reading a novel than “Instagram”, social media only teaches students “swag” and “YOLO”! Reading teaches grammar, vocabulary, and creativity, social media teaches you a fake image and foolhardiness.
To end on my opinions and facts on why am I believe students don’t see reading as an ideal image, the least number of students said it’s because they don’t find it interesting. Really I believe those students are just lazy, because they have no problem watching a thirty