Students enrolled in a public high school should berequired to wear a school uniform Essay examples

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Students enrolled in a public high school should berequired to wear a school uniform. Many studies show that when school-uniform policies are put into place, there is animprovement in both attitude and schoolwork. Wearinguniforms would also reduce clothing costs and many problemsrelated to competition in dress.Uniforms can improve the school environment, leadingto better student behavior and better grades. Mrs. Chung, a highschool principal, conducted research on the results of wearinguniforms. She said, “In the past two or three years, severalschools in the nation have begun to require a school uniform.All of these schools are reporting improved student grades andimproved student behavior.”Uniforms are also less expensive than regular clothing.An outfit for a student can easily cost upwards of sixty dollars.The uniforms sold at area stores cost fifty-four dollars or less. Thus, buying uniforms would save money for students and their parents. This would be especially helpful to families on a low budget.
Last, uniforms would reduce the competition in dress among students. Students who do not have as much money as others would not have to be embarrassed about their parents’ income. I have seen students get teased about their clothes in the hall, which would not happen if everyone wore the same thing. Some people say that uniforms infringe on students’ freedom. However, uniforms would not cause a threat to a student’s individual freedom because there are lots of other things that make you “you” besides clothing. People would be noticed for who they are as individuals rather than for what they were wearing. Because wearing uniforms would reduce many problems and would improve grades and behavior, students enrolled in public high school should be required to wear a school uniform.

Thirteen years of young people’s lives are spent in school and many say these are the best years of their lives. However, school brings rules and boundaries including the need to wear school uniform which many, including myself, believe are unnecessary. School uniform is believed to allow teachers and other members of staff to easily identify pupils within or without the school, which is merely a safety precaution.
Primary school students, I agree should wear school uniform as they are younger and are more likely to disappear or become lost when out on a school trip.
However, secondary school pupils arrive at the Academy with expectations of being treated more like adults, but this is diminished by the rule of wearing a school uniform as it stops you from being your own person.
The younger years of people’s lives are always the most vulnerable and selfdiscovering. Younger people begin to try and find their own personality and make themselves feel as though they fit in with the other young people that surround them. However, school uniform does not allow you to have your own personality show through as it makes everybody look the same and if pupils cannot find out who they really are then a vital part of school experience is denied.
Although the safety factor is a big issue I believe there are other ways to solve the problem. This includes the idea of school pupils only having to wear one piece of school clothing, for example a shirt. This idea would allow pupils to then choose their own outfit around the shirt and feel more like themselves, more comfortable and then may be willing to work better. As well as this pupils could be issued with an identity card. This would work by pupils simply showing an identity card to sensors at numerous doors allowing them to