Challenges In Entering College

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The one challenge that many students face when entering college for the first time, is getting around Campus. Learning what building they are supposed to report to. Once finding the proper building, they enter and find the proper or right classroom number and make sure they have the right teacher, because more than one teacher could be holding the same class, also getting around campus could be very frustrating for first time goers. Students face not knowing what the initials stand for on their schedule, so the best thing to do is ask someone in the Admission’s office, once schedule is in hand, take a tour and drive around or walk around the Campus to find and seek out everything.
On the first day entering class the challenge of being nervous and not knowing how to get around will all be avoided if the student went to college orientation. Some students still find it difficult especially if the students are older. The Admissions or Student Center does have Student handbooks available. The Student planners are fact finders with maps, numbers, and important dates students will need. Students can also talk with other classmates by email if you go to admissions or student center you will be given a student email and an A number; which you will need on campus. Students are also given a One Card which is the campus ID and also the way to receive financial aid and pay for books.
After getting through that challenge its always good to put in memory which way to go, some campuses are very large, remember the surroundings and exit the same way. Once that obstacle has been faced many feel a little more secure in where going around campus. Finding confidence possibly helps others find ways around also. All have had to face that challenge when first entering college. Learning the way around the building and knowing the classrooms are for classes. May take a couple of days, but it will get better.
So enjoy learning about the campus that has a future student will enter on the first day. Much success and congratulation’s on learning the way around, and enjoy the experience ahead. Many students will meet new friend’s, old friends on campus. Coming to this beautiful campus and enjoy first timers on entering college for the first time. Admissions office and counselors are always available to answer questions or any concerns many students may face. Campus security is available if you don’t feel safe or there is a red pole on each parking lot you can press the button and it sends police or security straight to the location of where the student is. Students challenge balancing their job around scheduling class. Most students do have jobs so they go part-time and do their studies. Also after attending that first week of classes things get easier as time go on. Once they have that down, students are well on their way to attending there classes and