Students Should Be Allowed In College

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Have you ever heard about “Freshman 15”? It means when you became a freshman, you will gain 15 pounds in the first year. It is not a joke, it happened to a lot of people who first enter to college. But how people gain so much weight in less than one year?
When students attend to college, especially as international students, school will require students live in the dorm and mandatory students add meal plan. In Arizona State University, the cheapest meal plan is 8 meals per week. In their word, it will help students save their money and eat healthier. But in the meal plan, school serve us food like hamburger, French fries, pizza and pasta. All of them are fast food and very unhealthy. True, they do have one special dish that would change every day. But honestly, that dish mostly do not taste well. And once students get tired of the meal plan, in average, the time will be around two weeks, they would like eat something else on campus. There do have a lot of option for eating, and some of them are healthy choices. But these
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But the nutrition and academic achievement do related to each other. According to a report that issued by GENYOUth Foundation, National Dairy Council (NDC) , the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American School Health Association (ASHA): “Students who have healthier diet habit, do better in the academic life.” Inadequate nutrition negatively influenced intelligence and academic performance. For these students who love to eat fast food, they would have shorter memories, easily feel tired and dysphoric, and difficult to keep attention to things. Since once the brain do not get enough nutrition, the brain is not working to its full potential. Which would lead they lack of vocabulary and do not do well in academic life. Last but not least, student should keep eating healthy food to keep fit. Otherwise, they may get “Sophomore 25”, “Junior 35” and “Senior