Students with especial needs Essay

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Post one paragraph indicating the key differences between students with
LD & ID. In the second paragraph notate the similarities.
Find 1 classroom accommodation for students with...
• Vision Impairments,• 1 more for Physical and Health Disabilities,• and another for Severe Disabilities.
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Students with especial needs include Visual impairments, a wide range of physical and health disabilities, as well as severe disabilities or multiple disabilities. With that being said, as educators we need to offer especial attention and care for these type of students; educators along with the school communities and staff need to provide appropriate accommodations to students with such disabilities. For instance, “Educational Vision Services (EVS) provides instruction in utilizing Braille, Nemeth Code, large print, optical and non-optical low vision devices and other skills that are necessary to attain academic, social, vocational and life adjustment skills, literacy and acquisition of information using tactile, visual, and auditory strategies.” CITATION NYC142 \l 1033 (NYCDOE, 2014) Therefore, I would employ the use of technology in my classroom to accommodate a visual impaired student. With text to speech and large text on screen I would significantly improve the academic life of my students.
In the case of students with Physical and Health Disabilities several steps may be employ to accommodate such students accordingly. For instance, students with Physical or Health Disabilities can be accommodated in numerous ways; such as, educators may adapt their classroom setting based on specific needs of individual students. Conversely, education is likely to take place the following settings: schools, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and homes, depending on the specific need of the student. Likewise, accommodations, such as; Communication, medications, lifting, positioning, mobility, eating and feeding, toileting, catheterization, respiratory management, ventilator management may also meet the student’s needs. Therefore, I would, particular, rely on “adapted equipment—such as a special seat or a cut-out cup for drinking.” CITATION NIC10 \l 1033 (NICHY, 2010) to be more specific. In the case of students with health disabilities, epileptic for instance, as a potential educator I may offer the student extra time to complete assignments or “a one-on-one aide” CITATION NIC10 \l 1033 (NICHY, 2010) to promote growth and academic development.
When it comes to severe disabilities or multiple disabilities classroom accommodations is essential and ofttimes very delicate. For instance, “People with severe disabilities are those who traditionally have been labeled as having severe or profound mental retardation. These people require ongoing extensive support in more than one major life activity in order to participate in integrated community settings and enjoy the quality of life available to people with fewer or no disabilities. They frequently have additional disabilities, including movement difficulties, sensory losses, and behavior problems.” CITATION NIC04 \l 1033 (, 2004) Therefore, considering students with severe disabilities require extensive support I would promote integration and…