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Studio Learning Task No 1:
What is Design?

Q1: What was the industrial revolution? When did it occur? How did industrialisation lead to the creation of the design profession? How was industrial manufacturing different from the traditional way of making a product and what role did the designer play in creating new products?

The industrial revolution was the transition to manufacturing processes, beginning in England around the 16th century. Industrialization led to the creation of the design profession, because that was one of the only factors which allowed similar products to stand out from one another (Hauffe, 1998, p.9). This differed from the traditional way of making products, as the roles the designers play in creating new
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its aesthetic function, and
3. its symbolic function.”
Read the section headed Design as science, and read Hauffeʼs definitions of these 3 functions. Write 3 sentences, which explain the meaning and difference between these 3 functions listed.

There are three basic functions of an object, the most obvious being its practical technical function, where the object’s functionalism, simplicity and convenience were the standards of measuring objects against one another. Adversely, the second basic function was its aesthetic function, where the attractiveness and appeal of a product – without any regards to function – affects its ability to market itself, thus providing another standard of measure. The final basic function would be its symbolic function, where objects would have hidden meanings and significances behind the practical and aesthetic function, providing yet another standard of measure.
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Q6: Find an image of each of the 3 following designs (Google image is good for searching):

Milton Glaser - “We are all African” 2008
Guo Pei - Red Shoes: Homage to Wizard of Oz shoes, 2011.
Dieter Rams – Universal Shelving System, 1959

Look closely at these designs, and then explain which of the three functions is most clearly expressed in each one. Using 50 words for each example, explain how this function is demonstrated by different design elements.

1. Milton Glaser (1929- )
2. We are all African
3. A hand + a camera
4. 2008