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Career Services Event #2: Incorporating your study abroad on your Resume

I was very excited to go to this workshop. I went to Costa Rica over spring break of this year and was happy to find out I can incorporate it into my resume. I found this workshop very helpful and made me feel better about my resume. I liked that the study abroad advisors really talked one on one with us about how to use our specific experiences in the countries we visited. It also served as a mini trip down memory lane for the trip and all the adventures. We first started discussing some of our experiences and how to possibly make those relevant when answering questions in an interview. Also I was amazed that many of the answers could be applied to more than one question it was just a matter of how you present it. We also discussed transferable skills, which are skills that can easily be transferred from one job to another. Having these skills on my resume is key, because it demonstrates what I can really do and how I can really be valuable to an organization. We went over certain situations that arose on the trip and decided what transferable skills we utilized during these situations. Discussing all the situations really helped to recognize that I learned more than I had even realized. Going to this workshop really help not only boost my resume and make it stronger but I feel that it also really helped my interview skills as well because I feel more confident now and that I can…