Study Finds Diet, Exercise And Drug Prevent Diabetes

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Phase 2 DB English 103-1204A-10 Compositions: Writing and Research
Professor: R. Gurley
Colorado Technical University
Harold Lassiter

When think of primary and secondary sources, the word support comes to mind. Primary sources come from a source themselves or firsthand information. Second sources are derived from other people, which talks about the primary source after the fact.
The secondary article that I picked is titled Study Finds Diet, Exercise and drugs prevent Diabetes. This article showed that a select group of people of different minorities that were the hardest hit in developing diabetes. The African Americans, Hispanics, Native American and Asian Pacific Islanders are the cultures that are at the highest risk of developing diabetes, due to an impaired glucose tolerance or high blood sugar levels. The article talked about a 37 year old lady that was at double risk, due to her family history. She was African American and Native American. Her mom had died from diabetes and she wanted to change her diet and started exercising. She started walking 3 to 4 times a week and completely changed he diet.

The article that I picked to talk about was Diet and Exercise Dramatically delay Type- two diabetes (Heath Care Financing Review, Fall of 2001) This article touched on how Americans at high risk of developing type two diabetes can lower their chance of getting the disease by implementing diet and exercise in their lifestyle. They had some participants in an intervention that where subject to developing Type- two diabetes. The end result of the