Questions On Roosevelt's New Deal

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Final Exam Proposal During the period of time between 1871 and 2001, the most vital thing in American history I am interested in is the Roosevelt’s New Deal. For the well-known economic between 1929 and 1933, workers lost their jobs, stores were closed. After the Black Thursday (24 October 1929), there were so much influential conflicts and struggles appeared. 86000 enterprises encountered Bankruptcy, 5500 banks became insolvent. The total financial sector was into a choking point. GNP rapidly dropped to $74.2 billion in 1933 from $104.4 billion in this crisis, the number of unemployment were less than 150 million in the beginning, after that, it jumped to more than 1700 million. For this difficult period of time in the U.S. history, we called it the Great Depression. I need to mention these important things in the paper because they are the extra topics related to the background of the New Deal. Before Roosevelt became the president, president Hoover had nothing to do with the Great Depression. However, Roosevelt started his New Deal in New York State when he was a Governor. “Recovery”, “relief”, “reform” were included in his essential policy. After Roosevelt’s New Deal, I want to explore some changes that show the differences and changes in the U.S society by comparing the poor situation before the New Deal.

I will use this photograph because the image demonstrates that the unemployment in the Great depression in the