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Fellow students we have come together as a group to inform you on some of the most important learning objectives that you will need to be successful in communications 170.
In week one you will be learning all the basics of writing. The most important thing you will learn is how the components of a sentence work. Sentence structure which includes fragments, run on’s, and subject-verb agreement are going to be explained and enforced in all your work. There are many tools offered through out the chapters and you can access to help practice these skills. The usage of verb tense, capitalization, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs will also be explained and learned about in this chapter.
Another important thing you will learn in this class is how to write an essay. Every essay starts with a paragraph, which helps you, the writer and the audience separate ideas. When brainstorming to get your paragraph in order you need to keep in mind who is your audience, what is the purpose of your work, what tone do you want to use? The content of your essay is definitely the most important because it lays out an analysis of what you will put in your work. When writing your essay you want to make sure that you have the effective means for your writing by developing the proper paragraphs to put in your essay. Always make sure to apply your knowledge of topic sentences to catch your audience right at the beginning of every paragraph.
Although the writing process is very time consuming