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As you complete the assigned readings for this project, use your journal to summarize the key information and to record your own observations and understandings of that information. Don't try to cover an entire reading passage in a single entry, instead, break a reading into several major sections and use a series of journal entries to discuss each section.
What information or ideas form the reading were familiar to you?
The information about questions that I need to answer in each of introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs was something I was familiar with from my classes in middle school and high school. I have been writing papers since middle school, and the biggest thing we have been working on was opinion essays. In this paper it didn’t help me that much, but I know the following assignment it will help me to finish my project successful.
What information or ideas were new or surprising?
New ideas for me were generally about technical things that I had to do in my paper like how to quote, writing my paper to specificly informing the reader and writing an annotated bibliography. Writing an annotated bibliography was surprising for me becauwse I could probably never think I would be able to write one of them. The idea of not using opinions was new to me. I don’t think I have written a lot of proper research papers in my academic life with all these new rules. I wrote papers that I didn’t use I, or You but I didn’t put attention on the rules I had to on this