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I read Emily Windsnap and The Monster of The Deep. It is book #2 in a series of three books by Liz Kessler.
In the first book, Emily discovers that she is a mermaid, and a human! Her adventures in the first book are about her learning she’s a mermaid, hiding her secret from her friends and her Mom and discovering the mermaid world.
The second book begins when her family is reunited (her Mom is human, her Dad is a merman) and moves to All Points Island, a special island where merfolks and humans live together.
Emily is very curious, adventurous, and brave. One day when she went exploring the island with her best friend, Shona, she went into a cave that she wasn’t supposed to go in. When they got to the end of the cave, there was a big rock in the way, so she and Shona moved the rock. The cave and the water started to shake and they saw scary, slimy, tentacles coming out of the hole. They had woken the KRAKEN—a terrible, mean, ugly, huge monster that was supposed to sleep for 100 years but Emily and Shona had woken it.
The kraken scares everyone, even Neptune, the King of the Seas, and the monster attacks ships and causes big waves wherever he goes. The kraken must be stopped but only the people who awoke him can control him.
Emily and Shona must face the kraken before it destroys the whole island!!!! They show great courage and friendship to save the island.
I loved the book because Emily is a “normal” girl that has crazy adventures. OK, maybe being ½ human