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What does the expression communication skills include?
Necessary for hiring
A top skill set sought by employers
Critical for promotion
Essential for effective job performance More important now as a result of technology
Learned through instruction and practice

Who are knowledge workers? Why are they hired? Work with words, figures, and data.
Generate, process, and exchange information.
Think critically.
Make decisions.
Take charge of your career.

What technologies enable workers to have “anytime, anywhere” offices?

High speed internet, mobile phone, wireless computer, work from home, on the road

What are the five steps in the communication process?
Sender has idea
Sender encodes idea in message
Message travels over channel
Receiver decodes message
Feedback travels to sender
Possible additional feedback to receiver

What are the three main functions of organizational communication?
To inform
To persuade
To promote goodwill

Why is oral communication more effective than written communication?
Provides immediate feedback
Adjusted to audience
Delivered quickly
Supplies nonverbal cues
Create warm feeling

What are the informal channels of communication?
The Grapevine
Carry unofficial messages
Flows haphazardly
Can be remarkably accurate
Is mostly disliked by management Thrives where official information is limited

What are the formal channels of communication?
Written channels
Memos, letters
Annual report
Company newsletter
Bulletin board postings
Orientation manual
Oral channels
Face-to-face conversation
Company meetings
Team meetings
Electronic channels
Instant/text messaging
Social networks Wikis
Micro blogging
Web chat

Which is more valuable – formal or informal?

Explain the horizontal communication channels?
Transmitting info horizontally among workers at the same level.
Task coordination
Problem solving,
Conflict resolution,
Idea generation,
Team building,
Goals clarification

What are the seven goals of ethical business communicators?
Abide by the law.
Tell the truth.
Label opinions.
Be objective.
Communicate clearly.
Use inclusive language.
Give credit.

List seven reasons that explain why organizations are forming groups and teams?
Better decisions
Faster response
Increased productivity
Greater “buy-in”
Less resistance to change
Improved employee morale
Reduced risks

What is groupthink and how can it be avoided?
Faulty decision making by members who are overly eager to agree w/ one another.
Avoid it by Team Diversity: Age, gender, background, experience etc.
Encourage open discussions, relevant info, evaluate alternatives, implementation

Why are team decisions reached by consensus generally better than those reached by majority rule?
Majority: quick decision, but may leave an alienated minority uncommitted to implantation
Consensus: Discussion continues until all team members have aired their opinions and agree. Time-consuming, but produces a creative high quality discussion and elicits commitment to implementation.

List five behaviors you consider most important to participate actively in workplace meetings.
Starts on time and begin with preview, agenda
Appoints a secretary to take minutes and a recorder to track ideas
Encourages participation, avoiding digression
Deals with conflict openly, lets parties speak
Confirms agreement when consensus occurs

How is videoconferencing different than web conferencing?
Participants can see each other and small product details.
Collaborators connect in real time.
Although expensive, telepresence rooms are like being there
Organizations reduce travel expenses, travel time, greenhouse gases, and worker fatigue.
Tools include video, audio, and software.
Web conferencing
Inexpensive and easily accessible
Used in