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Test Format for Quarter Final:
35 questions, 5 Short Answer = 100 pts.
Multiple Choice, Matching, True and False, Short Answer
Multiple Choice/T&F (25 q’s)
Things to study:

•Why go to war with Spain?
•Invested in Cuba
•US would have Economic benefits of Cubans independence
•Roosevelt Corollary
•Was an add on to the Monroe Doctrine
•Says that US will interfere in Latin American affairs when necessary to maintain economic and political stability in the western hemisphere
•this prevented Europe from using debt to interfere
•Why the US Imperialized
•To gain raw materials they could not make
•We had a growing feeling of superiority
•Needed new markets to grow economy
•Tariffs & McKinley Tariff Act

•Platt Amendment
•This guaranteed that Cuba would remain tied to the US
•Essentially it made Cuba a protectorate
⁃A protectorate is a country in which they are technically given independence but are under the control of another country
•McKinley & the Spanish American War
•Cuba and Puerto Rico were the last two Spanish colonies
•Cuba produced 1/3 of the worlds sugarcane
⁃A 1/3 of the cuban population were slaves to harvest sugar
•Why did Cuban's first "independence" fail
⁃lacked internal support
•What is a cause of the cuban rebels imposing a new rebellion?
⁃US imposing tax on cuban sugar
•Under Cleveland, America was neutral in the Spanish & Cuban feud
• Under Mckinley, he requested Spain if they could negotiate to end the conflict
⁃Spain removed their governor in Cuba and offered an autonomy but still under the Spanish Empire
⁃rebels refused!!
•Spanish Loyalists rioted in Havana
⁃Mckinley sent a battleship to protect Americans
•April 11 1898, Mckinley asks congress to go to war
•April 19, US recognizes Cuba as independent
•April 24, Spain declares war on US
•U.S.S. Maine
•American battleship that blew up mysteriously during the Spanish American War
•Exploded in Havana Harbor
•rally cry to join war - "Remember the Maine!'
•Milliard Fillmore & Japan
•there was a war between china and japan over korea
•Japan crushed china
⁃everyone was surprised
•Japan received territory in Manchuria
•Russia forced Japan to give manchuria back to china, then made china lease the territory to Russia
•US was against this, fillmore believed in an open door policy
•Pan-American Conference
•Senator Blaine called for this
⁃Latin America and America to reduce tariffs against each other
⁃A system of nations to work out disputes in a peaceful manner
•Latin America was not for these things
⁃The only thing they agreed with was not wanting European involvement
•Did create the OAS
⁃Organization of American States
⁃between North and South America's
•Yellow Journalism
•swayed public opinion in the Spanish American war
⁃led to the favor of rebel's in cuba
•Sensationalist reporting in which the writer exaggerates or makes up stories to attract readers
•Open Door Policy
•Milliard Fillmore
•policy that allowed each foreign nation in china to trade freely in the other nations sphere of influence
•Panama & Columbia
•Panama was a province of Columbia
⁃Panama Canal
⁃US offered Columbia money to buy the land in Panama to build the canal, as well as yearly rent to use the canal
⁃Columbia said no
⁃Tension between Panama and Columbia rose, and Panama revolted
⁃US recognized Panama as independent, and then signed a treaty allowing the canal to be built
•President Wilson & Mexico ewwewew •Queen Lil. Of Hawaii
•tried to bring back hawaiian monarchy
⁃but planters and US sailors overthrew it
•The conquering of a country
•Philippine Conflict
•US had a mini war with Philippine rebels for 3 years
⁃mainly guerrilla warfare
•Filipino hostility slowly was reduced under the influence of William Howard Taft
⁃He was the first US governor of the Philippines
⁃improved education, healthcare, and transportation
• Teddy